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Penetone is pleased to offer its hand protective creams, widely used in industry to help protect the skin from contact with potential irritants, directly to you.

PROTECTIVE CREAMS are smooth, white, thick-bodied creams formulated to provide an invisible, uniform protective film barrier between the skin and potential irritants found in industry and around the home. Proper selection and use of PROTECTIVE CREAMS start you on an effective hand protection routine.

Three types of creams are available:

Abrasive Resistant PROTECTIVE CREAM 211 - aids in repelling dust, dirt, grime, and similar abrasive irritants.
Water Resistant PROTECTIVE CREAM 311 - aids in repelling water based solutions. Contains lanolin to help reduce skin dryness and maintain moisture in dry and cold weather.

Solvent Resistant PROTECTIVE CREAM 411 - aids in repelling many petroleum based products like oil based paint, kerosene, gasoline, paint thinners, and similar solvents.

PROTECTIVE CREAMS not only aid in repelling irritants, but also leave the hands free from stickiness and greasiness so as not to interfere with grip or dexterity. Proper application and continual use also makes hand cleansing easier, since dirt and grime do not become imbedded in pores and crevices of the skin.

Quickly and easily applied, silicone-free PROTECTIVE CREAMS have a pleasant odor, dry quickly, and may easily be removed with soap and water. The 211 and 411 are available in 8 ounce tubes and the 311 is in 7.1 ounce tubes.  To order, click here.

IMPORTANT:  PROTECTIVE CREAMS aid in protecting the skin from contact with potential irritants by providing a film barrier. They are not a substitute for protective gloves or normal precautionary handling of dangerous materials.






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